deepin 15.1 Brings Further Optimizations to the Linux OS, Adds Deepin Cloud Print

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deepin 15.1 Brings Further Optimizations to the Linux OS, Adds Deepin Cloud Print

Postby ijah » Tue Mar 01, 2016 11:22 pm

The Chinese developers behind the deepin Linux kernel-based operating system have announced the immediate availability for download of the first point release of deepin 15.

deepin 15.1 is the result of one month of hard work, during which the development team has listened to users' suggestions and bug reports, bringing a bunch of optimizations and bugfixes, in particular for the Dock, Launcher, Control Center, and a few other core components and applications.

In addition to the core and visual optimizations, deepin 15.1 expands the default software repository of the operating system with several packages, and among the most important ones, we can mention Deepin Cloud Print, a new tool that lets users print over the web, as you can see from the video attached at the end rcti streaming.

"deepin 15.1 is a correction edition emphasized on fixing bugs that users feedback, optimizing the system and expanding app repository. It is worth mentioning that a new member has joined Deepin application family——Deepin Cloud Print!," reads today's announcement.
Deepin Store updated with hot new apps

In addition to all the goodies mentioned above, the Deepin Store has been updated with some hot news apps, among which we can mention Android Studio, Straight Flush, AliWangwang, and WizNote. Other than that, the developers managed to fix some minor bugs in order to make the Deepin Store app more reliable and stable.

If you're running deepin 15 (any version starting with the Alpha 2 build), you can get all of the above new features by updating your installation via the Deepin Control Center app, in System Information. On the other hand, if you're a new user and you want to install the operating system, you can download the deepin 15.1 installable-only ISO images right now via Softpedia.

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Re: deepin 15.1 Brings Further Optimizations to the Linux OS, Adds Deepin Cloud Print

Postby ijah » Thu Jun 09, 2016 8:20 pm

deepin 15.2 continues the project's vision of offering the community a gorgeous, well-designed, reliable, user-friendly, safe, secure, stable, and easy-to-use operating system for all ages and genres, by adopting a brand new Launcher interface that promises to be more friendly and smarter, along with an intelligent search engine.

"The classification is simple and clear. Users can customize icon locations at free sorting mode," says Melody Zou in today's announcement. Of course, the Launcher brings many other optimizations ukuran kertas to the Linux kernel-based operating system, such as better support for uninstalling apps and compatibility with lower resolution screens.

Another deepin component that has received a major overhaul as part of today's deepin 15.2 release is the Control Center, which now lets users configure their ThinkPad trackpoints, delete existing timezones from the Date and Time module, as well as create custom configurations for multi-monitor setups.

Remote Assistance is now an independent app
Starting with deepin 15.2, the Remote Assistance application that lets users control their deepin Linux computers from anywhere has been deeply integrated into the system, and it's now an independent app. With Remote Assistance, you can invite others to connect to your PC in case you need help configuring things.

Other than the above, the Dock has been updated with optimizations to the smart hidden feature, the renaming of files should be more intuitive now, the window animation effect has gotten a performance contoh proposal boost, window menu settings have been implemented, and numerous bugs reported by users since deepin 15.1 have been fixed.

deepin 15.2 is available for download right now via our website as 64-bit and 32-bit ISO images, but if you are currently using the GNU/Linux operating system on your personal computer, you can get the new version by applying all the latest updates available in the software repositories.

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